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Add style to your outdoor decoration!
Gabion columns add that little bit extra to your outdoor decoration. Combine gabion columns with gabion planters for a contemporary streamlined decor.

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Round columns-

Wire diameter: 4 mm
Column diameter: 26 cm
Heights available: 120 cm
150 cm
180 cm
  150 cm
Mesh: 2,5x10cm
Material: Crapal/CrapalPremium® Zn Al (Arcelor Mittal)
Fasteners: Propeller
Clips G35
Recommended grading: 60 mm
Anchorage: Anchor the T-post in a frost-protected concrete slab:
  • X=20 cm x Height 120 cm
  • X=25 cm x Height 150 cm
  • X=30 cm x Height 180 cm
With plate: Anchor the T-post in a frost-protected concrete slab:
  • X=30 cm x height 120 cm (post height = 120 cm)
  • X=40 cm x height 150 cm (post height = 145 cm)
  • X=50 cm x height 180 cm (post height = 200 cm)
Round columns

Square columns+

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